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The Union Foundation is part of the Union Inspires social and sustainable program. Through all sorts of projects and activities, our Foundation wants to make a difference in the local Brussels community. 



We realize that a football club is an essential part of the community in which it is located. The Union Foundation ensures that the Royale Union Saint-Gilloise wins both on and off the pitch. With our actions and projects, we want to have a positive impact on the local communities of Forest and Saint-Gilles. 



Since its creation, the Royale Union Saint-Gilloise has been an open club. Its legion of legendary yellow and blue supporters is known for coming from all strata of society. This is why the Union Foundation puts the notion of 'diversity' at the center of its operation. 


We see ourselves as bridge builders.  The Union Foundation wants to develop a network with various local stakeholders. This is how we want to become a loyal teammates in approaching societal challenges in Forest and Saint-Gilles. 


Motivate, inspire, and create. Football is the most popular sport in the world. By using our football club as a catalyst, we hope to motivate local people and actors. By leading by example and being present in the local community and implementing initiatives, we try to inspire people. Through the efforts of our various teams, we want to offer people the opportunity to feel truly connected to our football club and we want to encourage them to thrive. 


An open look.  We actively seek out what lives outside the stadium walls. Creating engagement is the keyword. We work in-depth and gather and use data to evaluate and adapt the way we operate. We think long-term. What we do now will determine the future of the club tomorrow. 





Age is just a number. Staying active is the key to getting older and staying fit. That's why the Union Foundation organizes weekly gym classes for men and women over 55 and why there is also a 'walking football' team. 


Walking football was born out of the desire for elderly people to 'stay active'. Instead of walking an hour and a half a day, this sport is more intensive. Football fans can now play throughout their lives without the risk of serious injury. 


Inclusion and diversity


A RUSG Younited team, an Epsylon team and a team that practices Goal-ball, at the Union Foundation, we try to be as inclusive as possible. In addition, we also organize football training for Fedasil asylum seekers. 


The Epsylon team is made up of people suffering from stabilized psychiatric disorders who no longer require hospital care. Training is part of their journey to recovery and builds their independence. 


The RUSG Younited team is there for Brussels residents who are experiencing problems in terms of housing, mental health, well-being, poverty or addiction. The RUSG Younited team is a collaboration between the club, Younited Belgium and four non-profit organisations: Hobo, La Source, Home Baudouin and Babel. 


People with visual impairments can meet our Goal-Ball team. 

RUSG Younited



The Union Foundation also wants to be there for the youngest members of the local community. The Union Cup is a 'tournament' between the primary schools of Saint-Gilles and Forest and is based on four pillars: competitiveness, community building, diversity and inclusion. The rules of the game and the general sports coaching on and around the pitch reflect these values.  


With the Union Cup, Union Saint-Gilloise wants to strengthen the personality, talents and social skills of the players. Meeting, experiencing and having a 'healthy competitive spirit' are at the centre of this project. 'Winning' is seen in its broader meaning. 




Union Cup 2023