Environmental Impact Projects 

In 2021, Union joined the United Nations Sport for Climate Action program. In this way, we commit to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030 and to being fully carbon neutral by 2040. 


The Union Saint-Gilloise will:  

1. Make systematic efforts to promote environmental responsibility; 

2. Reduce its impact on the climate, and in particular reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by at least 50% by 2030; 

3. Inform about the climate 

4. Promote sustainable and responsible consumption; 

5. Advocate for climate action through its various communication channels. 

Union Saint Gilloise has also joined the Belgian Alliance for Climate Action, an association of Belgian organizations that aims to set climate objectives on a scientific basis. This alliance of organizations also monitors its impact on the climate on an annual basis. 

Climate & Environment


Reducing emissions


Union Saint Gilloise has measured its greenhouse gas emissions and ecological footprint. One of the action points is the ambition to halve our emissions by 2030 and be carbon-neutral by 2040. 


Renewable energy


Union Saint Gilloise switched to a green energy supplier for the Joseph Marien Stadium. After a study, the club decided to use Eneco, the supplier recommended by Greenpeace, for the supply of its energy (gas and electricity). Eneco’s ambition is to become the most sustainable energy supplier in the country, with 100% green energy production in Belgium by 2025.


Energy efficiency


The club has also replaced its lighting system with a more energy-efficient LED system. 

Greener stadium maintenance


Union Saint Gilloise uses eco-friendly cleaning products in all its facilities. 


Our club works with a local Brussels supplier for all its cleaning products. Eco-Multi is a local family business that supplies cleaning products under the European labels Ecoloabel, Nordic Evolabel, and the Ecocert group. Union Saint GIlloise is committed to preserving the environment by choosing cleaning and hygiene products with the European GREEN'R label, which contribute to the reduction of water pollution, waste, and energy consumption.  


For our club, it is not only important to use recycled paper and eco-friendly products in our stadium, but we are also committed to using EcoLine products for our toilet paper, towels, and soap. 

Fan mobility

Union advocates for soft mobility for supporters and visitors. The club promotes public transport, cycling and walking to get to Joseph Marien Stadium. 

There is also a secure bicycle parking area in front of the stadium, in collaboration with our partner Lucien. You can find more information on how to get to the stadium here.  

Bike parking at Union SG

Reforestation in Madagascar


As part of our efforts for the environment and the ambition to be carbon-neutral by 2040, Union Saint Gilloise has launched a reforestation project in Madagascar. 

In collaboration with the company Bôndy, our club has planted no less than 125,000 trees in the north of the island. 125,000 mangrove trees offset 10 percent of our ecological footprint in the second year, and 30 percent in the fifth year of the project. 

Our current emissions will be offset around the ninth year and our offset will be almost doubled from the twelfth year. The project will 'sequester' 2,000 tons of CO2 for at least ten more years, reaching a total of 25,460 tons of CO2 over a period of twenty years, which amounts to an average of 1,270 tons of CO2 per year (compared to our 1,050 tons of CO2 emitted annually, calculated over our base year). 

Waste management and water consumption 




The Union has set up an irrigation system based on water reuse. 


Reusable cups


The club has introduced eco-friendly reusable cups to replace disposable plastic cups on match days. 


Our desire to reduce waste and disposable plastic also applies to our drinks sold on match days. We are the first club in Belgium to use Ecocups for our events, to prevent plastic cups from being thrown in the trash and ending up in landfills or in nature. Our cups can be reused and are made of recycled plastic. They are thoroughly washed after each match.  


A hybrid lawn


Our team plays on a hybrid turf, a greener and more sustainable solution for the pitch. 


Waste management


Since the 2020-2021 season, we have been using, in collaboration with Coca-Cola, recycling stations. These are bins that immediately encourage the selective sorting of waste on match days. 

We encourage all our supporters and visitors to use the recycling stations in our stadium. 




The Union has joined forces with The Good Roll, a company that has made sustainability its priority. All toilet paper and towels in the stadium are 100% eco-friendly and made of 100% chlorine-free, dye-free or fragrance-free recycled paper. 


For our printing needs, we collaborate with Paperwise, a company that uses agricultural waste (mostly leaves and stems that remain on the ground, to make printing paper.