Season ticket Policy FAQ

  • What is the Season Ticket Policy?

    This is a rule that requires our season ticket holders to attend at least 10 out of 15 matches in order to benefit from priority season ticket renewal. The aim of this approach is to guarantee a full stadium at every match.

    To sum up, to be considered as ‘present’ at a match, you have 3 solutions:

    1. Scan your season ticket at the stadium entrances
    2. Give up your seat using the pass ticket and have this ticket scanned
    3. Sell your seat back to the club

    We recommend that you read the season ticket policy before buying a season ticket.

  • Does the season ticket policy apply to children?

    This policy does not apply to children's season ticket holders (under 12s).

  • Why is it important to rename a ticket correctly?

    Under Belgian football law, all tickets issued by the club must be nominative. This means that each admission ticket must be linked to a unique identity. Identity checks may be carried out at stadium entrances for various reasons.

    If a fan turns up with a ticket that is not in his name, he may be refused entry even if it is a valid ticket.