Online Ticketing tools FAQ

  • How do I create an account?

    If you wish to buy tickets, you must have an account. It is through this account that you will be identified on your tickets and that you will be able to access sales under certain restrictions.

    Online: Here is a tutorial explaining how to create an account online.

    At the Fanshop: Please bring your identity card and an email address (not compulsory for children under 12).

    The Fanshop is open on Thursdays and Fridays from 11am to 6pm (except on match days).

  • How do I add a child to my account?

    You can consult our ‘add a child’ tutorial.

  • I've forgotten my ticket. What should I do?

    Retrieve your ticket from your account by following the procedure below: Ticket recovery .

  • How do I sell my ticket?

    Resale is only available for season tickets.

    If you wish to sell your season ticket, you can use our ‘Pass ticket’ solution.

  • How can I find my ticket on my account?

    If you can't find your confirmation email, you can retrieve your ticket via your account (via computer or smartphone). To find out how, see our ticket recovery tutorial.

  • How do I add my ticket to my smartphone wallet?

    You can add your e-ticket to one of the Wallet applications of your choice (e.g. Apple Wallet or Google Wallet). Here's a tutorial explaining how to add a ticket to an Apple Wallet.

  • How do I use my voucher?

    If you have received a voucher as a result of a commercial action or the resale of a season ticket, consult our tutorial to find out how to use a voucher.

    Ticketing vouchers are only applicable to ticketing products. They cannot be used/exchanged for food, drinks or merchandising.

  • I've added a friend, but it's marked ‘pending’. What should I do now?

    Your friend must log on to the online ticketing service and then go to ‘my account’ and at the bottom validate your request by clicking on the small ‘v’.

  • I've received a ‘closed link’. How do I pay?

    If you have received a ‘Closed link’, please follow the instructions in our tutorial to complete the purchase.

  • What are the online payment methods?

    When you buy online, you can pay by several methods, including Bancontact, Mastercard, Visa, etc.