Union takes the three points against Standard

After an intense week with qualification in Frankfurt, Union also won against Standard. And that after a difficult game, in which Standard scored the tying goal after a double, but fortunately did not get any further. Goals for Union came through Nilsson and Eckert Ayensa.

Some changes in the starting XI for Union on matchday 27. Lapoussin, Amoura and Machida remained on the bench. Their replacements were Teklab, Ayensa and Sykes. Union were not underwhelming at first with a fierce sitting Standard. Moris had to make a great safe to prevent the opponent to open the mark. At the other end, Puertas was able to put Bodart to work twice.


But it was eventually via a penalty, after a foul on Ayensa, that Nilsson netted the 1-0 from the spot. Three minutes later, the striker brothers were responsible for the second. A nice attack over Ayensa and Teklab reached Nilsson, who crossed and Ayensa deviated delightfully into the back of the net. 2-0 for Union.

That was also the score at half-time. Blessin then made more substitutions. Puertas and Burgess did not rejoin their teammates on the pitch, Rasmussen and Machida made their appearance. However, Standard quickly scored against a knocked away corner came to Djenepo, also subbed in, and Moris was beaten. 2-1.

Union did not really get into trouble afterwards. Still, it was shaky at times. Amoura did threaten twice on the counter and a fantastic blast from Teklab actually deserved a goal, but Bodart saved.

A win after our European week and on to Wednesday for the Belgium Cup semi-final against Club Brugge. The last tickets for that match are on sale now via ticketing.rusg.brussels!