Union fights back and draws against Eintracht Frankfurt

0-2 after less than ten minutes. All hope seemed to have vanished after a dramatic start. But Union managed a comeback to 2-2 after goals from Rasmussen and Nilsson. Everything will be decided next week in Frankfurt. Tickets for the return match are available through our ticketing website. Vouchers can be exchanged at our Club House every day, except Sunday, from 11am to 6pm.

It was a little nightmare, our opening phase of the knockout play-off in the Conference League. After two minutes, Chaïbi was quicker on the ball in the sixteen and fired the 0-1 for the Germans in goal.


Eight minutes later: corner kick Union, the ball was lost by Lapoussin and a few seconds later the same ball was in goal after a clever counter-attack. 0-2 through Kalajdžić.

But Union fought back. Amoura snatched the ball from the Eintracht defence and served Rasmussen. The Norwegian fisher and Union reduced the score.


Although Lindner still had to be alert to a blast from Chaïbi and a header from Marmoush. The half-time score was 1-2.

Union found themselves back in the second half. Frankfurt saw no way out, Puertas and co pressed the Germans away. Nilsson missed the equaliser on a pass from our assistant king. And even with a bicycle kick it just didn't work, goalkeeper Trapp was there with more luck than skill.


After the hour, there was redemption after all. Heel Lapoussin, who played better after the break, Puertas in his well-known style and the ball reaching Amoura. The little Algerian found Ramussen and he flicked in one time to Nilsson. The latter planted his size 46 against it and the stadium could go wild.


Union still had some fuel in the tank, but saw a stick put in their wheels by the referee. Who gave Vanhoutte a slight second yellow card after involuntary hand play. Thus, no more real big chances came and it remained 2-2.


So everything to play for in the return match on 22 February at 9pm in Frankfurt. Tickets for the away end are available at ticketing.rusg.brussels.