Defeat at home against Genk

Despite a good battle and a game full of chances for our Unionists, we lost at home to Genk for the first time this season.

An encouraging start despite a goal from the opposition


Fedde Leysen and Castro-Montes were in the starting XI for the very first time in the Jupiler Pro League. The first chance went in our favour when Dennis Eckert Ayensa found himself in a one-on-one situation with the goalkeeper but failed to get his shot on target.


Genk opened the scoring in the 17th minute, 0-1.


Then came Noah Sadiki's shot from the edge of the area. Unfortunately, the shot went wide. Union created a huge amount of chances but failed to convert them.


10 minutes before half-time, Charles Vanhoutte was shown a yellow card for a foul on Heynen. For the rest of the half, Union pushed forward but still couldn't finish.

Back from the dressing room… Allez, allez allez !


Our players were back on the pitch with the same ambitions as before kick-off: to push for a goal!


Most of the chances went our way. In the 62nd Genk went on the counter after a recovery but our number 16, Christian Burgess, made a perfect tackle to prevent Genk from doubling the score.


Amoura used his speed to destabilise the Genk defence! Cameron Puertas then managed to fire in a powerful shot, but Vandevoordt was in time to make a save. We're in the 69th minute and we're still pushing!


Mohamed Amoura is causing a decent of problems to Genk's defence. He found himself one-on-one with the keeper but shot over the goal. In the 85th minute, he did it again! Amoura made an incredible move with the outside of his foot after receiving the ball from Lazare Amani. The ball ended up on the crossbar.


In the end, in the 90th minute, Genk scored a second goal to extinguish our hopes. 0-2.

Thurday, we're back for Europa League football!


See you on Thursday for our first Europa League group stage game against Toulouse FC. Buy your home ticket bundle here to attend the game.