Union leaves European stage despite a convincing win in Istanbul

For the first time, a Belgian team wins against Fenerbahçe at the Sukru Saracoglu Stadium. Union's 0-1 is therefore a historic win for Belgian football. The win could perhaps even turn into a miracle, but we missed too many chances for that. We leave the European stage with our heads held high.

Union entered in unusual starting eleven. Vanhoutte and Castro-Montes depended at the back, Sykes remained on the bench. Amoura and Burgess were thus suspended. Union started the game well. The first three chances, at least one of which really should have gone in, were for Nilsson (2x) and Ramussen.

Fenerbahçe, also with some changes in the team, did little. A rightly disallowed goal by Osayi-Samuel was all that could be noted. The match was loose, though. After 20 minutes, Eckert Ayensa was able to go off alone on goal, but he was flagged down.

At the other end, a Kent header went over the goal of Heinz Lindner, who replaced Moris between the posts. Union took over again. And actually Lapoussin should have just been awarded a penalty kick, but VAR did not yield.

0-0 at half-time, and it perhaps should have been 0-1.

The first 10 minutes after half-time, of the same cloth. Union kept pressing, creating chances, but just could not score. Eckert Ayensa was just not sharp enough and Nilsson was also blocked.

Then, in minute 68, the well-deserved goal for Union. Lapoussin dribbled past his opponent as usual, crossed and Rasmussen headed in! 0-1.

The Turkish home team had lost the north for a moment, our Unionists tapped delightfully across the mat of the Sukru Saracoglu Stadium. On a corner kick by substitute Puertas, Terho's header was cleared off the line.

Union continued to play good football and gave nothing away at the back. With Vanhoutte, Machida and Castro-Montes in front, Lindner hardly got any work.

It remained 0-1. And so the focus is definitely on the league and the cup final! Sunday we meet in Antwerp for the last match of the regular season.