Squad selection for Union - Racing Genk

Coach Alexander Blessin's squad is without Koki Machida and Casper Terho. New striker Kevin Rodriguez is not yet eligible to play. The good news of the weekend is Ross Sykes, who makes his return in the squad after his knee injury.

Another sold-out game at the Marien! Season ticket holders who cannot attend are requested to pass on their ticket using the "Ticket Pass" system on ticketing.rusg.brussels. Click here for more information on the "Ticket Pass".  A season ticket holder who fails to attend the home games of the regular season more than five times will not have acces to the presale of next year's season ticket sale. You can avoid that from happening by making use of the "Ticket Pass" system.

Coach Alexander Blessin : 

When you play against Genk, one of the biggest teams in the country, it is always a challenge. Nevertheless I am very confident.