Auction of blue matchshirts

From Anfield to Istanbul, the Unionists have once again managed to create unforgettable moments during our European adventure. The signed match-prepared blue shirts, which were central to this campaign in both the Europa League and Conference League, are available via an auction at shop.rusg.brussels. Proceeds from this auction will go directly to our community foundation Union Inspires.

Why are these shirts being auctioned off?


This unique shirt was worn by our first team during European clashes in Liverpool, Linz, Toulouse and Istanbul. As previously communicated, the club has chosen not to commercialise this shirt in order to meet our sustainability objectives. We are therefore auctioning these signed match-prepared shirts now on our webshop.



Not commercialising the shirt has the effect of reducing waste. In doing so, the club has also chosen to use the white away shirt for two seasons, again to address overconsumption.


Proceeds to Union Inspires

All proceeds from the auction of the blue shirts will go to our community operation, Union Inspires. This organisation supports local social and environmental projects. Click here for more info on Union Inspires.



How can I bid on the shirts?


Our auction is available at shop.rusg.brussels. The shirts of our goalkeepers are not included in this auction action. It is only about the unique blue shirts of the field players which are not available through commercial means and are therefore auctioned for our charity and community foundation Union Inspires.