Union loses at home against Bruges

In a good match for the Unionists, we failed to take our chances. Club Brugge won 1-2 at the Duden Park.

Union showed its true face in the first half. Pressure and chances. Puertas and Castro-Montes could not score. Amoura saw two attempts blocked.

Brugge also had an opportunity after a corner kick, but Mechele kicked it over the goal.

Even before half-time, Lapoussin lashed out from around the box, Jackers was in form to not concede from that chance.

After the break, Union continued the same momentum, but then Moris incomprehensibly made a mistake. His goal kick was blocked and went into Union's net. We did not give away any chances, but it was 0-1 somehow.

Our spirits dropped for a moment, especially when Meijer's 0-2 followed on a corner kick. The defender was able to head in freely.

Puertas managed to connect with a nice free kick, but we got no further. 1-2 loss, fourth defeat in a row in these Play-offs.