Union loses heavily in Linz

There was little to see in the first 20 minutes. Amoura seemed to be on the mend again with his shoulder after an early duel. Both teams only really loosened up after a less well played chance through Eckert Ayensa.

A difficult fist half


At the other end, Burgess unluckily blocked a shot with his arm, penalty for LASK. 1-0 through Horvath after 25 minutes.


Union's reply came through Lazare who popped narrowly wide. Moris then had to intervene without danger on a shot by defender Talovierov.

Union did not really get into the game. It was too slow and monotonous. 


In the 37rd minute, LASK was at it again. Burgess made a mistake, and Mac Allister was just able to prevent the 0-2. In the recovery, the LASK attacker was fortunately offside.


Moris cleverly whipped another shot out of his goal area. But the subsequent corner went wrong, making it 2-0 via a header from Talovierov.

Not enough chances


After the break, both teams did not produce much in terms of chances. Kevin La Rola Rodriguez came into the team for Eckert Ayensa and even before the hour, Rasmussen, Sadiki and Terho came onto the pitch.


Union was better than in the first half, but could not create many chances. A shot by Rodriguez was blocked in the box. It only got worse. Through captain Zulj, LASK made it 3-0.

We still did little in return. Rodriguez curled wide, it stayed 3-0. 


Moreover, Toulouse won against Liverpool, so everything is close in our group. The next match is on 30 November in Toulouse.

But first let's focus on Sunday. We are playing against KV Kortrijk in the Marien Stadium.