Union International June 2024: overview (1)

A first overview of a busy week for our internationals!

Gustaf Nilsson:

Denmark - Sweden: 2-1

Subbed on in the 70th minute.


Anthony Moris:

France - Luxembourg: 3-0
In the starting eleven.


Casper Terho:

Portugal - Finland: 4-2

Subbed on in the 65th minute.


Scotland - Finland: 2-2
In the starting eleven, subbed off in the 68th minute.


Mohammed Amoura:

Algeria - Guinea: 1-2

Subbed on in the 58th minute.


Loïc Lapoussin:

Madagascar - Comoros: 2-1

In the starting eleven and gave an assist.


Lazare Amani:

Ivory Coast - Gabon: 1-0

Subbed on in the 65th minute.