Ticketing: Union - Royal Antwerp FC

The Unionists will play against Royal Antwerp at the Joseph Marien Stadium on Sunday 3 September at 4pm. More information below.

When do the tickets go on sale?


The sale will take place in two phases.

- The pre-sale starts on Friday 25 August at 11am and ends on Monday 28 August at 6pm. Union+ Members can buy tickets during this period. It is also possible for season ticket holders and Union+ Members to buy tickets for other Union+ Members.
- During the free sale, all non-season ticket holders and non-Union+ Members will be able to buy tickets if there are any left after the pre-sale. The free sale begins on Tuesday 29 August at 11am and ends on Saturday 2 September at 6pm.


Where can I buy tickets?


You can buy a ticket in our fanshop (Chaussée de Bruxelles 223, 1190 Forest) from Tuesday to Friday from 11am to 6pm or on our ticketing platform ticketing.rusg.brussels. Our fanshop will be exceptionally open on Monday 28 August from 11am to 6pm.




Below are the prices for category 1 matches:


Prices cat1

General information


- Pass tickets will be available according to the sales periods. In other words, "pass tickets" (transfer of a ticket to another person) will only be available to Union+ Members during the pre-sales phase. Season ticket holders and others will have to wait for the free sale phase.

- Resale of tickets for this match will be possible until Thursday 31 August at 6pm.