Ticketing: Union - Fenerbahçe

Union will play Fenerbahçe in the Conference League Round of 16 on Thursday 7 March (21.00). For safety reasons, all transactions from foreign banks (outside of Belgium) will not be approved for this game (both online and in our fanshop). More info on ticket sales below.

Ticket sale periods


Presale for season ticket holders and fanclub members


As a season ticket holder, you have priority on ticket sales for European matches, idem for members of official fanclubs. This sales phase starts on Monday 26 February at 11.00 and ends on Wednesday 28 February at 18.00. Tickets in blocks N11-15 and E3, currently reserved for fanclub members, will also be available to other supporters from Sunday 3 March at 18.00, depending on which sales phase they qualify for.



Presale for Union+ Members


This sales phase will start on Thursday 29 February at 11.00. Union+ Members can also buy tickets for our match against Fenerbahçe from then on.


You can buy a maximum of four tickets per transaction. These tickets are compulsory for Union+ Members, season ticket holders and fanclub members. Season ticket holders or fan club members who wish to take seats alongside a Union+ Member should wait for this sale period to purchase the tickets in the same transaction.



Limited open ticket sale


The limited open ticket sale starts on Saturday 2 March at 11.00 and ends on Wednesday 6 March at 18.00. Due to security reasons, only fans who have attended a Union game since the 2022/23 season can take part in this final sales phase. 


The maximum number of tickets per transaction here is also four and each ticket is also only for eligible fans.



Where can I buy tickets?


You can buy a ticket in our fanshop (Chaussée de Bruxelles 223, 1190 Forest) on Thursdays and Fridays from 11.00 to 18.00 or on our ticketing platform ticketing.rusg.brussels





Cat. 1: 60€

Cat. 2: 40€

Cat. 3: 20€

Terms and conditions of sale

Due to security reasons, bank transactions from abroad (outside Belgium) are not permitted both online and in the fanshop.


You can purchase a maximum of 4 tickets per transaction, only for fans eligible for the respective sales period.