Squad selection Genk - Union

Matchday one of the 2024 Champions' Play-offs is upon us. Our Unionists travel to Genk for the first of ten matchdays. Kick-off at 6.30pm!

No risk is taken with Kevin Mac Allister, his return to the squad is for the coming week.

Kevin Rodriguez resumed training on the pitch. He is starting the final phase of his rehabilitation. Koki Machida is suspended after his double yellow card at Antwerp.

Alexander Blessin:

Our hunger is high. We look forward to getting started. We will show the best version of ourselves!


H. Lindner, J. Imbrechts, A. Moris

C. Burgess, G. François, R. Sykes

M. Rasmussen, L. Amani, L. Lapoussin, H. Teklab, C. Terho A. Castro-Montes, C. Puertas, C. Vanhoutte, N. Sadiki, N. Huygevelde

E. Kabangu, D. Eckert-Ayensa, G. Nilsson, M. Amoura