Squad selection for the final

Union will play the final of the Belgian Cup today for the first time since 1914. Coach Blessin can count on a full squad for this historic appointment.

Just to reiterate: kick-off of our final at 3.30pm, Fan Village opens its doors at 9.30am. See you later, Unionists!

Coach Alexander Blessin:

We need to turn nervousness into adrenaline to be at our best. We have almost 20,000 Union fans Union on our side, they will provide a unique atmosphere.

Our Unionists:


H. Lindner, J. Imbrechts, M. Wenssens, A. Moris


K. Mac Allister, C. Burgess, G. François, R. Sykes, K. Machida, F. Leysen, A. Dony


M. Rasmussen, L. Amani, L. Lapoussin, H. Teklab, C. Terho, A. Castro-Montes, C. Puertas, C. Vanhoutte, N. Sadiki, N. Huygevelde


E. Kabangu, D. Eckert Ayensa, K. Rodriguez, G. Nilsson, M. Amoura