Amoura and Sykes send Union to the Heysel

A first cup final in 110 years for our Unionists. History was made on Wednesday night 28 February 2024 at the Dudenpark, Union beat Club Brugge 2-0 to make up for the 2-1 loss from the first leg. It was Amoura and Sykes who started a night of celebration in Forest.

Our honesty dictates that we had to recover for a while from our cup night at Duden Park. The explosion of joy at Ross Sykes' 2-0 in added time is still reverberating, the cries are not yet completely extinguished and here and there the tears of happiness have not yet dried up.

We also always try to be as factual as possible here. But this time, we are not going to give you the full report of the match. Or at least briefly: lots of intensity, a Bruges that could have scored in both the first and second halves, but failed to do so. Our Unionists who also got chances, Rasmussen after a beautiful attack, and Vanhoutte twice with a shot from distance.


But it was ultimately waiting for two moments, two phases that were not brimming with beauty, but rather with willpower. That touch of extra willpower we did possess now, and also the drive of our players that made the coin drop on our side after almost 99 minutes.


1. Mohammed Amoura and the 'dropped ball'

There was the Castro-Montes cross, the dropped ball for Teklab, the pass back to Machida, the shot! And then: a dropped ball in the sixteen. The ball went against the legs of Nilsson, Lazare was coming in to block it and so the leather dropped in front of the feet of Amoura. One on one with Mignolet. 1-0 in minute 74, Union ahead!


2. Extra Time Killer Sykes

The second scene with Ross Sykes then. Added time, perhaps the very last chance before going to extra time. Cameron Puertas with a swerving cross. Height, curve, speed. Everything was there. Sykes at the far post, Sykes is bigger than a far post, Sykes can head like a boss. From the far post to the far corner and a veritable delirium at Duden Park!

ON VA AU HEYSEL ! We will see each other there, presumably on 9 May so. Ticket information to follow. In the meantime: come support us in Leuven and buy your tickets for Union - Fenerbahçe! That match is already next Thursday at 9pm!