Membership Union+ FAQ

  • What is a Union+ membership?

    This is a paid virtual membership valid for the current season and is called Union+. A member is called Unionist+. This membership is only applicable to ticketing products sold by the club.

  • How much does Union+ Membership cost?

    A membership costs €40 per person, regardless of when in the season you sign up.

  • Can I buy several Memberships?

    Each membership must be linked to an identity. It is not possible to combine several memberships under the same identity/account.

  • What are the advantages of membership?

    You have priority to buy or receive a ticket for every Royale Union Saint-Gilloise home match during the season.

    Jupiler Pro League

    Supporters can buy up to 10 tickets for this competition.

    The priority sales period is open to subscribers and Union+ members. During this period, tickets may only be purchased for Union+ members.

    E.g.: a subscriber wishes to buy tickets for friends. They can only do so during this period if their friends are Union+ members.

    Ex 2: A Union+ member can buy tickets. If they want to buy for friends, they will all have to be members too.

    The free sales period starts 1 week before each match. During this period, everyone has access to ticket sales. Each future ticket holder simply needs to have an account to be identified on the ticket.

    European sales or Croky cup

    The priority sale is divided into two phases:

    For season ticket holders
    People who have access to these sales will be able to buy a ticket for themselves but also for other people (even if they are not subscribers) until they reach their maximum ticket quota.

    For Union+ members
    People who have access to these sales will be able to buy a ticket for themselves but also for other people (even if they are not Union+ members) until they reach their maximum ticket quota.

    Next comes the free sale with the same conditions as for the Jupiler Pro League. This free sale may be subject to certain restrictions, which will be communicated at the time of sale.

  • What is the difference between a Union+ membership and a season ticket?

    A season ticket entitles you to an annual place in the classic league phase. A membership does not guarantee you a place, but it considerably increases your chances of getting one for one of our home or away matches.

  • Can I buy other tickets as a priority with my membership?

    Yes, this is possible depending on the match and the sales rules applied.

    For league matches, you can buy up to 10 tickets during the priority sales phase, but only for other Union+ Members.

  • Do my children also need a membership to receive tickets?

    Anyone wishing to have a ticket in their name during the priority sales phase must be a Union+ member, regardless of age.

  • Can I have my membership refunded?

    We do not refund or exchange memberships. You can consult the general terms and conditions of sale below.

    Terms and conditions of sale