Union Foundation

At Royale Union Saint-Gilloise, our community work and social aspect is improving every day thanks to our Union Foundation!

The functioning of the community plays an important role in our organisation. Throughout the season, we are cheered by a few thousand supporters at every match at the Joseph Marien Stadium.

Union is regarded as a genuine Brussels football club, and it is therefore up to us to give something back to the local community.

It is our moral duty to set up socially relevant projects in Brussels, especially in our sector and more specifically in Saint-Gilles and Forest.

We wish to focus on the emancipation, social development and fulfilment of our target groups. It is no coincidence that the common thread of our community operation is to dream big and work hard.

The five mainstays of our community working :

  • Having a connection between the players and the local community.
  • The integration of minority groups into our Union family.
  • Creating partnerships and support Brussels sports clubs for disabled people.
  • Developing sport for all.
  • Setting up a network with socially committed organizations.