Union SG – STVV : Interviews

Teddy Teuma learns from this defeat.

“It was a match which lacked momentum, we pushed against a very deep blockade of players which left us very little space to maneuver. They closed tight gaps and wouldn’t let us play our game, but we have to learn from it and learn from it we shall. There was no sense of relaxation within this group. We approached this match like we do all the others, like every weekend, but it’s up to us to create more chances and to get more out of the opportunities in the small spaces.

The penalty? It could have happened to anyone and at any time when it comes to the miss. Let’s all rise together! »

Bart Nieuwkoop, a little bitter.

“Yes, this defeat does not please me. We had a great run and it’s a shame that it had to end today. It was a bit messy against a team that was solely playing a defensive strategy but it’s in their own right and their merit to take points in this way. We couldn’t play our game against this compact block and had fewer chances. For me, playing on the left does not change anything, I always want to give 200%, whether on the left, on the right, everywhere, always… ”

Our coach also talks about the match:

“Sint-Truiden managed to outwit us tonight, even though we had dangerous chances and we could have claimed the point. It wouldn’t have been underserved. Faced with this deep defensive block, we were unable to find our attackers. Credit goes to the organization of our visitors. I think that this defeat must however aid us for the future, we are expected to play well by all the clubs every week but as I said, the merit goes to the opponent. We have to grow and evolve in these times. We are not machines, but we are getting back to work to correct this, learn and evolve! »