Union SG – RSC Anderlecht : Interviews

Deniz Undav, contributor of 3 assists against Anderlecht.

“Being the top scorer is very good but giving 3 assists also makes me very happy. I’m playing my game and tonight I was in the passing game, it’s been a long time! Either way, the most important thing is to win! We absolutely want to take the three points in each game. My message after Dante’s goal? It was to say that he had been suspended for 5 weeks and that’s it, he scored again. »

Teddy Teuma, is a happy captain.

“We wanted to start these Play-Offs well and we did it. From the start of the match, we had to do something for our supporters who were left hungry during the last match and we did it!

After this training last week, the machine got back on the road well and the 3 points are perfect for our confidence, but there are 5 games left. I’m very happy for the whole team and especially for Dante, who has found his goal-scoring ways»

Dante Vanzeir is back to goal-scoring ways.

“The celebration was planned if I scored. It was for fun and to show that we also have fun on the field. I’m happy to be back and to score again.

Of course, I feel grounded, liberated, and without pressure. It’s great for confidence to start the Play-Offs like this. The most important thing for me is to win every game. We did it and it’s positive.

The season is very long. We always have good and less good moments but will still have to give everything in the last 5 games.”

Our trainer Felice Mazzù was satisfied while keeping his feet on the ground.

In the first 20 to 25 minutes, we executed our plan to perfection. The pressing, getting Anderlecht as high as possible and creating chances. After 2-1, we had a little more trouble but the team managed it well and rectified the situation. We will be satisfied with the victory but not project ourselves further. The most important thing will be to remain with a composed mentality. We will have to be able to manage the atmosphere that surrounds us. You must not be complacent and see yourself as invincible »