Union SG – RSC Anderlecht : Interviews

Dante Vanzeir worked exceptionally hard in this Brussels derby.

“Our goal was to do better than the first time we met this season and to reach the play-offs. We achieved the first, and now it’s up to us to continue and give everything to achieve the second. What a great afternoon, with our supporters, What a great feeling. »

Lazare Amani played a great game.

“I tried to push myself to maximum today, I think it was a good performance. I want to work hard and make sure we win every week. The scenario of the match was quite ideal with the goal falling so early on and we were able to defend this early advantage. Let’s not talk about the title, it’s a dream, but we have to keep our feet on the ground and take each game as it comes. »

A new clean sheet for Anthony Moris.

“We saw some fatigue on our side but we did manage to score in the first 15 minutes, which elevated us. We usually play each match as it comes but we were keen to win today, a derby is not nothing. The fans kept pushing us forward and supporting us, so thank you. It is a pleasure to see them again. Regarding the saves I made, I try to do all I can for this unit. We form a collective and everyone has their tasks. We have been working with the same staff for two years now. We will not fall into euphoria. Every day, we have fun on the pitch, we create chances and we try to score and win. »

Our scorer, Casper Nielsen.

“It was an incredible game. A complicated match, but we did it and it gives us all a great feeling. Even if we are tired on the pitch, I forget everything and I just want to win. 48

hours to rest is not ideal but we were able to tap into our resources and prove ourselves. Yes, I scored but it’s a goal for the team, we all win together! We form a team, a real group and for two years we have all played for Union.

Bart Nieuwkoop, happy to see the fans again!

“It’s so great to win this game in front of the fans. We are happy to have them back! We had chances in the second half but it was still a difficult match knowing that it was a Brussels derby against a big team in the championship. As a defensive-minded player, I find it’s also important to have another clean sheet. Today, we again attacked and defended well as a team.

Felice Mazzu, after his little dance.

“Hats off to this group… last week I said they were crazy, here they are magnificent, crazy, exceptional… It’s a victory for Union, with a big desire to win in a difficult game. Our organization made the difference as well as Moris who made a superb save on a crucial phase. We had analyzed our opponents and we saw this free zone in front of the goal, the players executed it to perfection. We can say that there was a bit of luck, but it was planned and prepared. The shot was on target, the goal and the victory are deserved! A man of the match? I highlight the group because it is the group that counts. Lazare didn’t have a lot of playing time, but he had a great game like everyone else. I am very happy for him! »