Union SG – KV Oostende : Interviews

Siebe Van der Heyden was disappointed with the result.

“We should have done much better because we had the chances. We shouldn’t have just scored one goal, nor start the match like we did in the first half, otherwise we were always going to have trouble. It’s no excuse but the ball was not rolling in our favor tonight. Sometimes it just doesn’t want to, that’s the case today, but you can’t blame anyone because everyone did their best. Let’s learn from this and move on because there are still 2 games left and then the Play-Offs.

My call up? I heard the new with my mom, we were very moved but I quickly clicked to focus on tonight’s game. I will first digest this news, enjoy the selection and then give my all for my country. »

Loïc Lapoussin has tried everything.

“Conceding a draw often becomes the case when playing at home, unfortunately. Our start to the match was not ideal, but the second half was different… It’s part of football, it shows that Union is respected. On the other hand, we have to find more solutions, even if tonight, the ball did not want to go in.

The objective of the day was to secure this first place… but here we are and we are going to have to deal with this objective across our last 2 matches.

Felice Mazzu, a disappointed coach.

“I told the players that they had a good game. I think everyone could see the images of the disallowed goal, I will say nothing while respecting the refereeing and keeping my analysis to myself. The conclusion is that we lost two points in the first half where Ostende were a lot better. Without certain decisions against us, we would have won it.

Everyone brought their abilities to move forward and score the two goals, however the second was just not granted. »