Union SG – KRC Genk : Interviews

Loïc Lapoussin manhandled Genk.

“We knew that the match would be complicated and that it would be decided on minor details. Against Genk or those kinds of top teams, you have to expect them to take over at times. However, we kept our cool, we remained solid and applied and we still pocketed the victory. The whole team fought well and the victory was well deserved. It’s nice to score at such a time, we see all the cohesion of the group in these moments. »

The winning goal came from a former Genk player, Dante Vanzeir.

“Now was not the time to overthink or lose focus. I had heard that as soon as the penalty was taken, the match would be over so I chose my corner, I didn’t ask myself any questions, I rushed the shot and the ball went to the bottom corner… Obviously, we can always miss these types of shots but I was confident. Winning in this way in the last minutes gives me an indescribable feeling and you can see it in the reactions of the bench and my teammates. After all, the victory is deserved. Admittedly, Genk had more possession, but we had the best chances. »

Words from our coach Felice Mazzu.

“I’ll sum up the whole game for you in one word: the group! They still put out a great performance. The disallowed goal was very questionable, but even after the equalizer, even after the disallowed goal, they gave everything they had… this group is crazy, this group is extraordinary and they prove it every week. We were well organized and we managed to pull it off at the right time. It is thanks to our maturity and experience that we reap the rewards every week.