Union SG has presented the stadium project at the meeting of the joint committee of the Council of the municipality of Forest

On Tuesday evening, the club presented its plans for a new stadium to the municipal councilors and the Director of the public works and urban planning department of the municipality of Forest during a meeting behind closed doors. More than half of the 37 municipal councilors were present. “We are satisfied with the way the presentation went and we were able to clearly answer all the questions from the municipal councilors,” said CEO Philippe Bormans.

The closed meeting consisted of two parts. In the first part, our CEO, those responsible for mobility and sustainability within the club, and one of the architects of the new stadium gave a comprehensive presentation relating to the site of the projected stadium on the Boulevard de la Deuxième Armée Britannique. The stadium would be located between the Recyclis site and the current Bempt sports complex.

The questions asked after the presentation came mainly from the Forest opposition and related to possible disruptions in terms of mobility, cooperation with external car parks, potential access to the site, relocation of the rugby pitch, and collaboration with rugby and local soccer clubs. The club answered all questions and indicated that it was ready for long-term cooperation with the municipality.

“We are transparent and open to all comments and questions, as we have shown during this meeting. It is only through good cooperation that this important project for the club and all its supporters can see the light of day.”

CEO Philippe Bormans

For the second part of the meeting of the assembled commission, our delegation was asked to leave the room and new discussions took place between the municipal councilors and the administration under the direction of Yves Smidts (director of the public works and town planning). The club looks forward to receiving the report of this part of the discussion and is of course ready to answer in detail any questions and comments that may arise.

What happens next?

Union SG will now present the project at a project meeting next week at urban.brussels, the administration responsible for the territorial development of the Brussels Region. It will in principle be followed by the municipal council of Forest, on Tuesday, February 14th in the evening, where our stadium project on the Boulevard de la Deuxième Armée Britannique will be debated, at the end of which the club hopes to receive a positive response.