Union SG – Club Brugge : Interview

Casper Nielsen already wants to go battle on Wednesday.

“The fans were great today, it’s for this atmosphere the reason why we play football and for this type of match, but it didn’t turn out to our advantage today. We played a very good match, we created chances… we missed them and in this type of match, it is the opponent who took advantage of it and took home the three points. It was the same in Antwerp last week. If we want to be champions, we have to profit from these opportunities. It’s hard for me to see the positive aspect now because I wanted to win, we wanted to win. I want it to be Wednesday now and show that this was only an accident. »

Deniz Undav joins Casper Nielsen…

“Casper is right…we had chances but didn’t take advantage. It’s frustrating because the opposition had a chance and they played deep. We are disappointed but Wednesday will arrive quickly and we will have to prove ourselves. In the 3 games against Club Brugge, Union showed very good things, were even the best team and the one who created the best chances. Let’s prepare for this match now!

Loïc Lapoussin was frustrated.

“It’s a frustrating game. We had chances but we couldn’t put them in. We knew it was an important match for the title. But in fact, nothing is played. Personally, I have no pressure for Wednesday. Neither does the group. We will continue to move forward. The season is not over yet, far from it. »

Several turning points in the match for our coach, Felice Mazzu.

“I don’t want to give a turning point in the match… there were several. We offered some space to Brugge given our desire to move forward and they took advantage of it at the right time.

It was very hard because our play was better than the opponents, like in previous encounters. We do not lack experience but efficiency at the right time. Even missing the penalty, we did not offer big goalscoring situations to Bruges. It’s part of football… the players gave their all and performed well. We will not point the finger at anyone, and certainly not those who take their responsibilities. We have Wednesday’s game left, nothing is decided. We will give everything there! »