Standard – Union SG : Interviews

Anthony Moris, back at his club.

“In the second half, we tightened the lines and played with more intensity, which gave us more chances and the victory.

We were able to manage this second half more easily thanks to that, and this victory is good. We confirmed first place in the regular season one match before the end and we obtained a European ticket, it was a great performance. »

Casper Nielsen. Man of the Match

“I’m very happy to be the Eleven’s man of the match. But it is a victory for the team. For the team, we always pull together and that’s the most important thing. We stayed focused to seize this opportunity to finish first in the classic phase and we succeeded.

And today it was magical with these supporters, so many people… Was it not superb?

The season is not over but we will continue in the last match then in the Play-Offs and give everything we can. It’s epic, incredible, and what’s been happening to us since the start of the season. »

Felice Mazzù describes the next objective.

“Our first half was quite closed with some wasteful and technical errors. Despite that, we open up the scoring but with the equalizer, we ended the half in a bad way.

In the second half, we played with more humility and simplicity. We said to ourselves that we had to go back to what we had been before and offer that on the pitch. If we can be first it is thanks to these elements, we must keep them.

Our next goal? Finish with a victory at home for our supporters. They so deserve it.

Afterward, we will play with ambition and pleasure. »