RUS Rebecquoise – Union SG : 1-3

Last Tuesday, the Union side for the 2022/23 season resumed their duties with their first pre-season friendly match!

Facing the Brabant side of Rebecq, our Unionists were trying to pick up the pieces at the beginning of the match as our hosts took the opportunity to quickly open the scoring. After 10 minutes, the score was tied again thanks to Ilyes Ziani who did not miss his opportunity. Union gradually took the game in their stride as they managed to create many chances and then took the lead thanks to an unstoppable header from Christian Burgess for 1-2 just before the break.

Union came flying back for the second half and took and preserved their advantage for much of the second half. Despite some great chances, especially for Eckert Ayensa and Puertas, the score remained tight until the last second until a final goal was scored for Karel Geraert’s army 1-3.

Another away fixture this Saturday. Union will go to KMSK Deinze, the former club of Viktor Boone! Tickets for this match are on sale at the Club House for 5 EUR per person.

21. Pirard
05. Defise
08. Lazare
10. Lewis
16. Burgess
19. François
24. Ziani
26. Sykes
31. Safari
32. Salah
44. Van der Heyden

7′ Mulumba 1-0
10′ Ziani 1-1
33′ Burgess 1-2
90′ Eckert Ayensa 1-3