RSC Anderlecht – Union SG : Interviews

Our top scorer Deniz Undav doubled the lead for Anderlecht.

“I felt good, we knew their weaknesses and we were well prepared. After Brugge, we shifted our mentality in our heads to give everything today and secure second place. It was important to finish the job and finish as high as possible, we did that today by winning the fourth Brussels derby. Me? Man of the match? It’s cool but I would have preferred to score less and be champions today…”

Siebe Van der Heyden is proud.

“We did the job today, we are very happy. Our minds clicked this week and we wanted to give everything. We all watched the Brugge match and obviously we were hoping so much that it wasn’t over for good. But against Anderlecht, in this Brussels derby, we wanted to win and we did!

The great return to Europe for Union is something. That’s wonderful. No one would have believed at the start of the season that this would happen. We are really proud of our work, of our journey. And this victory in Anderlecht is also really good. »

Dante Vanzeir will want to enjoy the last match.

“This victory is magnificent. It feels good and I hope that against Antwerp it will be a free match where we can have fun, without pressure. We will try to end the season well with our supporters.

We started these Play-Offs well and against Anderlecht, it was my best match. Afterward, I did not find my best level but we had a good run with a superb second place. »

The praises of Felice Mazzù.

“What an extraordinary group, what a magnificent group. To recover in this way after the two hard blows against Brugge. They wanted this second place, they did everything for it and I can only congratulate them.

In the match, we didn’t concede many chances in Anderlecht and we were effective at the right time, which unfortunately we weren’t against Brugge. I repeat, they are exceptional. »