KSMK Deinze – Union SG : 0-1

For our second pre-season friendly, Union returned to the Dakota Arena to challenge KMSK Deinze.

After an encouraging start to the match, the two teams left little space for each other. This meant very few opportunities apart from a play from our hosts who did not take advantage of two crosses from a twirling Ziani.

In the second half, our Unionists showed a more aggressive approach and in less than a quarter of an hour, Lewis, Salah, and Safari tried their luck at goal, without success. In the 67th minute, Salah was close to opening up the scoring but his shot hit the post head-on before Lewis’ shoulder rebound suffered the same fate. 20 minutes from the end, Cameron Puertas fired a corner perfectly onto the head of Nieuwkoop, 0-1! Despite a few more opportunities from Union, the score did not change and Karel Geraerts’ Union won its second friendly match this summer!

After a Sunday of rest and two training sessions, our Unionists will go to Marloie on Wednesday to challenge another Union, that of Luxembourg!

21. Pirard
04. El Moukthari
05. Defise
07. Berradi
08. Lazare
09. Eckert Ayensa
16. Burgess
24. Ziani
26. Sykes
30. Abbass
44. Van der Heyden

72′ Nieuwkoop 0-1