International break | june 2022

After victories against Lithuania (0-2) and the Faroe Islands (0-1), our goalkeeper Anthony Moris lost with Luxembourg against Turkey. The Turkish side managed to squeeze a 0-2 victory at the Stade de Luxembourg. Moris and his teammates will end the first phase of the Nations League on Tuesday with a home game against the Faroe Islands.

Capi’ Teddy Teuma also played three Nations League games with Malta as well as a friendly match against Venezuela (0-1 defeat). Teuma started every game with two wins against San Marino and a loss against Estonia.

Madagascar and Loïc Lapoussin started their 2023 African Cup qualifying campaign with a 3-0 loss to Ghana and a 1-1 draw with Angola. Lapouss played in both games.

And finally, Kaoru Mitoma shone with Japan in a friendly match against Paraguay with a goal and a 4-1 victory. He also came into play against Brazil before shining again in the semi-final of the Kirin Cup against Ghana (4-1), with a goal and an assist. However, Tunisia were too strong in their final game and won 3-0.