Club Brugge – Union SG : Interviews

Deniz Undav will fight again.

“I really don’t feel well today. We fought all season to be champions and I think it will be very difficult for us to grab first place now. Kudos to Brugge. Now we have to give everything and do everything to at least finish in second place. That’s football, we were the best for long periods of time but we didn’t win. And this disallowed goal, I don’t know what happened yet. But we didn’t score an official goal and so there it is… It’s frustrating and disappointing.

Starting tomorrow, we will fight and re-motivate ourselves for Sunday’s match. »

Anthony Moris saw a better Union over the 2 games.

“The group is very disappointed because in all 4 games Union were better. But the numbers speak for themselves. If we can’t score the goals, that’s it. Brugge have the experience at this level and we will have to grow and learn from that. It’s soccer.

Keeping second place isn’t going to be that easy but we’re going to give it our all because we want to go to Europe. And knowing the state of mind within the group, everyone is already focused on Sunday to do as much as possible and take the points. »

A disappointed Ismaël Kandouss.

“We are disappointed, that’s for sure. If we wanted to be champions, we had to score. But today we failed to be decisive at the right time.

Football is played on minor details and you have to be effective on both surfaces. The sending off of Koki destabilized us for a few moments, Brugge took advantage of it but we remained focused afterward while moving forward. Sunday is an important game. We must not be discouraged. Anderlecht is behind us and we remain focused. »

Our coach Felice Mazzù is proud of his group

“I am proud of my group, my staff, the team, the club and I hope that all of Belgium is too.

Whether today against Brugge, Antwerp, or Anderlecht… we had many moments when we were better than our opponent, and again tonight. We obviously still have to grow in important moments of the game such as in front of goal. These are moments that were easier at the start of the season and where we scored, but not tonight. Despite this offensive failure tonight, let’s be proud and applaud this group. »