Antwerp – Union SG : Interviews

Anthony Moris had to work hard in Antwerp!

“Coming here and taking home a point from Antwerp is never bad. It is to be expected that Antwerp didn’t feel the pressure with the support from their home fans. Some people say they have no place in the Champions’ Play-Offs but they showed that they have the qualities to carry out the job. My stops? I get paid for this. I did my best like I do every week. I think we have to be more cutthroat, especially with the offensive options we have. However, the draw makes sense overall. We will work on that this week because there are still very important matches coming up quickly. We take match each game as it comes and now it’s Brugge that awaits us. We may not be champions. On the other hand, we want to give everything and go to the end, we don’t hide it. »

Casper Nielsen also had 2 scoring chances.

“I think we were the best team on the pitch but we didn’t score when we could have or even should have scored at least 1 goal. Obviously, we are disappointed when we do not win. Especially in the second half. It wasn’t boring for the fans to watch though. We are disappointed but it is because we have this mentality of wanting to win all our matches and when we play all the matches with such intensity, it happens. »

Felice Mazzu, disappointed with dropping two points but realistic.

“If we look at the last 20 minutes, it’s two points lost, that’s clear. However, if at the start of the season, we knew that we were going to play the Champions’ Play-offs and start with 4/6 points, we would be happy.

Let’s not forget that Antwerp had their chances too, Anthony Moris made several important saves but we missed the boat at the end and that’s what we seem to remember. Overall, physically and tactically we were in good shape throughout the game. It happens to miss chances or not to score, that’s football. Let’s focus on those positives and look forward! »