Antwerp – Union SG : Interviews

Deniz Undav, scorer of our 2 goals.

“What a great feeling to come and take 3 points here, in a situation where it was very complicated.

The points are the most important, but I’m very happy to also score the 2 new goals.

Let’s keep our feet on the ground, even though we have just faced the big teams, next week we have a new match against a good team from Saint-Trond. We will do everything we can to take the points, but it’s still football you know. Let’s work hard and carry on. »

The hardest part still comes for Felice Mazzù.

“I don’t want to say that my players surprise me, but I do adore them! We could have scored at half-time, we had dangerous situations in the attack. Even though Anthony Moris had to handle 3 or 4 difficult situations, this victory is well deserved!

We have conceded 1 goal in the last 4 games, but we approached these matches with our values, simplicity, dedication, and work… I want to say that I have a group that does not think about the future but solely thinks about winning the next game.

January was a very difficult month, and what happens now is even more difficult. There is a risk of us thinking that this is sufficient, or the risk of self-satisfaction too early. It is up to us to work so that this does not happen.