Announcement: Loic Lapoussin

Our club was informed today by its player Loïc Lapoussin of an incident that took place in his private life on Sunday.

Loïc was stopped by the police for an alcohol check. However, our player refused to cooperate and was taken to a police station for further processing.

Loïc Lapoussin: “I realize I made a mistake and would like to apologize publicly for this and also to my fellow players, staff, board, and the entire Union family. I will accept my penalty as well as the additional sanction imposed by the club.”

CEO Philippe Bormans: “We take the incident very seriously. Players have an exemplary function and are role models for many young people. Every year dozens of people still die in traffic due to alcohol and many times are seriously injured. We cannot emphasize enough the human suffering this causes. We are therefore going to impose an additional sanction with the aim of raising awareness and, together with Loïc, to commit ourselves to the fight against this unfortunately still occurring problem.”